Archibald Prize 2018

I am pleased to finally reveal my painting of the multi-talented Rhonda Burchmore which I have entered in the Archibald Prize this year. I have painted her backstage in a dressing room scene and have referenced old hollywood in the styling with an illuminated mirror, full-length evening gown and vintage fur stole. I wanted to portray the glamour of the theatre contrasted with the rawness of the dressing room with makeup and other ‘essentials’ such as Bling V and Berocca taking pride of place on the dressing table. The lighting in the painting is highly theatrical and helps to set the scene.

With over 800 entries and around 40 selected, the competition is extremely tough. The finalists will be announced on 3 May and sadly I think I would have heard by now if I was on the list. 😂

I always find painting a portrait extremely challenging however it is also immensely rewarding. Thanks Rhonda for sitting for me. I think I’ll give the Moran a try next.